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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nimbuzz VOIP for Nokia N95 (Symbian Phone, Free International Calls)

I have used using Nimbuzz with my N95 in recently and it worked flalessly with my home's wireless router.Gone were the day we fumbles with microphone wires and USB cord try to make pc to phone calls using free voip provider. I have received Skype calls in New Zealand all the way from USA using Nimbuzz, the call experience was simply fantastic!

Later on I downloaded Nimbuzz, a free and great Symbian software on my N95 and again, it worked very well. My mate from the USA managed to make free VOIP to me when I logged into my Skype account using Nimbuzz.What strikes me the most is that voice call quality is crystal clear even better than the internet phone which I used before. However, I have yet to find out a solution where I can mkae free pc to landline calls.

The IP telephony is a simply wonderful thing as now I can make and receive Skype calls from my Nokia N95 whenver I am at home or at work (using the wireless router).With Nimbuzz, I can make free "PC calls" (yes, Nokia is your multimedia computer!) with using any commercial VOIP service provider. Besides that I can make phone calls free from my mobile (SKype to Skype). In this way, I need not use any expensive wireless IP phone to make SIP calls.Technically, you can make unlimited free calls using Nimbuzz or very cheap international phone calls via free internet VOIP telephony.

You can get free download through your broadband to get Nimbuzz. Now you can do without the GPRS VOIP call which you will charge by your data carrier.


HumTum said...

I used Vopium on my N95, and I found it quite good, especially its Vopium Sync Application of making mobile data back up, well I like you views about Nimbuzz, let me look into it.

David Lim said...

Thanks Hum Tum! Nimbuzz is indeed way cool. You can contribute to this blog if you like. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

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