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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Top Ten Tips and Tricks on iPhone, Auckland, New Zealand, David Lim

Here are top ten tips and tricks for iPhone which will make your navigation process easy.

Check the following top ten tips and tricks for iPhone. You can use these tricks to make your digital life simpler.

Home Button

This button is your all time best buddy. While playing around with iPhone if you are lost, just press the Home button. You will get back to your familiar iPhone Home screen. The Home button is always located at the bottom.

Remember your own Phone Number
  • If you have problems remembering your phone number, first hit the home button.
  • Select settings in the bottom right corner.
  • Scroll down to Phone, select it, and then look at the top center of the screen. You get your number there.
Modify iPod Menu Buttons
  • Go to main menu.
  • Select the iPod icon.
  • Now select the More icon.
  • Click the Edit icon.
  • You can drag the icon down into the menu over the icon you want replaced.
Mailing Safari URL
  • Go to the page that you want to mail in Safari
  • Now tap the address bar, which will show the address bar.
  • Click the Share button at the top left corner.
  • A compose email shall open with the URL included as the message of the email. It will also have the subject line.
  • You can add the email address and click on send.
Exit Frozen application

If you think a program or an application is frozen for quite a long time, you can close it by pressing and holding the home button for few seconds until it releases.

Move and Delete items

  • Need to go into your favorites or mail messages or other items screen.
  • Now click the Edit button.
  • You can delete an item by clicking the red icon beside the name.
  • Confirm the deletion.
  • If you want to move a Bookmark or Favorite, click the icon to the right of the name.
  • And then slide the name to the position you wish.
  • One more way to slide your finger from left to right, over the item, which shows the delete button.
Hard Reset
  • Press and hold the sleep or wake button on top of the iPhone, and the Home button on the button front for few seconds.
  • You will see the apple logo.. let it go and iPhone will reboot.
Power down and Power Up
  • Press and hold the sleep or wake, which is at the top of iPhone for several seconds.
  • You will see the screen changing and will display Slide to Power Off.
  • Slide the Power off button from left to right.
  • If you want to turn your phone back on, press the same on/off button on the top of the phone for a few seconds. It will start up again.
Automatic mail checking
  • Go to home screen. Tap the settings icon, and then the mail section.
  • Tap the Auto check option. You will get it once you scroll down.
  • Select the how frequently you want your mail updated.
Enabling Caps Lock Feature
  • Click on Settings in the home screen.
  • Click on General on the next screen.
  • Now touch the keyboard button.
  • You will find a tap next to Enable Caps Lock. Click on it.
  • To use this feature, double tap the shift key and you will see it turning blue. It implies that you are in the caps locks mode.
  • Tap the shift key again to quit the caps lock mode.
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