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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Real Estate Professionals -- Auckland, New Zealand, "David Lim's"

Real estate agents have probably become more unpopular than politicians in the "least trusted profession stakes" this week and it doesn't help when they resort to extreme hyperbole, claiming "views to South America" from Kawau Island, New Zealand and misleading "not taken from property" idyllic views. Here's an idea: how about taking the picture from the property?

A mate from Glenfield, Auckland, sent me this: "This Ray White rental sign was graffitied in June. I've rung Ray White twice, and emailed their head office, but two months on and it's still there - the only graffiti on the street. Unsurprisingly, the property has yet to be let." How can we trust these "professionals" to sell or rent our properties?

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