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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Third Cellular Network in New Zealand

Just watched the six o'clock news on Channel 1 and found out that New Zealand will be having its third mobile phone network operated by TelstraClear and offering a Nokia 6275i. It will be officially launched tomorrow, Monday, 01 September, 2008. The new phone plan seems reasonable:

$20 per month access
29c per min national calling
500 national texts per month - any network
40c per min "Big 5" calling (Australia, USA, UK, Ireland and Canad)
FREE Nokia 6275i worth NZ$499

TelstraClear's Invitation Mobile Plan is available to ALL residential customers who have TelstraClear phone line, calling and broadband services.

The only draw back I can see now is the lack of best mate on TelstraClear's offer and no free call minutes

Hopefully, the new network will give the other two network operator a run for their money. Eventually, the winners will be the consumers

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