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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Living Green: Ranking the best (and worst) countries

Just because a country or place is environmentally “fit” doesn’t mean you’d want to spend your life there – think jungles or the Antarctic. But finding the perfect balance between what’s green and what’s livable could lead you to paradise. Aiming for that ideal, we researched the world’s greenest countries while also ensuring they were ones where people could thrive. Along the way, we also unearthed the worst places in the world to live.

We analysed data from top sources covering 141 nations to rank the planet’s greenest, most livable places.

How Countries Rate

1 Finland
2 Iceland
3 Norway
4 Sweden
5 Austria
8 Australia
19 New Zealand
23 USA

Bottom 5

137 Chad
138 Burkina Faso
139 Sierra Leone
140 Niger
141 Ethiopia

The world’s greenest, most livable cities

Using different data, we analysed 72 major international cities, ranking them in terms of being green and livable.

5 Best

1 Stockholm
2 Oslo
3 Munich
4 Paris
5 Frankfurt

5 Worst

68 Bangkok
69 Guangzhou
70 Mumbai
71 Shanghai
72 Beijing
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