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Friday, September 28, 2007

Sideswipe: New Zealand Herald

Auckland, New Zealand, 27, September, 2007--An online auction no one in their right mind would bid on: "Please help my husband pay for his new set of teeth," pleads the wife of the denture owner. "I am auctioning off his old set to help pay the bill. This unique set are New Zealand-made and have never left the country. They are made of porcelain so you'll get another few years out of them. They've done him for 30 years. A few broken teeth on the top plate but, hey, this is where the character comes in. I might even throw in a tube of toothpaste to the winning bidder."

A reader writes with a warning for Herne Bay residents: "A man rang my sister's house yesterday, saying he was calling from the Ponsonby police station (which was a lie). She lives along the road from the Herne Bay house where the young guy was killed a few weeks ago. He asked if she had seen anything that night then went on to ask how many people lived in her house, what age her kids were and her occupation, then her date of birth. At that stage I told her to hang up. A call to the Ponsonby police confirmed that they were not calling and questioning any residents. There have been a lot of burglaries in the area lately."

Mark Glucina informs us that is running a competition called "What's your sustainability" asking entrants to make a short video showing how they are altering their life to "reduce their impact on the environment and save money". He says, "The prizes include a laptop and iPods: consumer electronics with significant environmental footprints that are designed to last for a couple of years before wearing out or becoming obsolete, with the expectation that they will then be discarded and replaced. It seems like someone is not quite getting it. (In fairness the second prize, a bicycle, is consistent with the spirit of the contest.)"

The mascara and cereal eating drivers are amateurs, says Peter Beale. "Last year my wife and I saw the woman driving in front of us strip off her top clothing down to her bra and then put on a new top. This was followed by a hair adjustment in the driving mirror. This took place over about 100 metres on the stretch between the Barrys Pt Rd junction and the motorway. Good job she left her bra on, otherwise there would have been a multi-car pile-up."

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