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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Evening Sky - 15 March 2007

The weather starts getting cold since two days ago, guess it is the sign that summer is almost over. Below is the evening sky picture, took wth my Nikon CoolPix 7600, resized to 1024 X 786 pixel. Add to Google


PrettyFit said...

Sebiru-biru langit di sana mana nak sama langit Malaysia .. hehehe

I got ur blog address from my Flickr. The one u left a message .. about that Satay thing.

Bila nak balik Kedah ...???

David Lim said...

Thanks for your message. Kalau duit cukup, bila-bila pun boleh balik kampung lah! Your pics are really cool on flickr, mate! Cheers!

David Lim said...

Thanks for your comment. Kita ni anak Kedahlah, selalu merindui kampung halaman. Angie pantai pun selalu mengajar pulang. Apa nak buat, nak cari rezeki kena merantau jauh sikit! Cheers!

David Lim said...

I have visited Kedah on March 2017 for one week. Then I go back again on 9th March 2018 for a week’s vacation! Cheers!