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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chinese New Year Eve, the dog & car park guard

The wife and I went for a last minute shopping at food centre on New North Road, Auckland, yesterday (Chinese New Year Eve). Whiel waiting for my wife, I took some picture of our pet, Skippy (see below and click on pic to get a bigger view)

Since the evening sky was so beautiful, I took some picture with my Nikoa Coolpix 7600. Suddenly came from nowhere a car park guard approached me and questioned me. "What are you doing? Do you know the regulations?" He looks sloppy in his messy uniform, physically he is very "tiny". He can't speak proper English (that is why he work as a guard, I guess). He is not Asian nor European, but he doesn't shave and needs major dental work done for sure.

He assumed that he can pick on any one who looks Asian and have some fun. It is easy to deal with people like this. The trick is look him in the eyes, talk like his superior or manager and you will see his tail hide between his leg immediately.

When he asked me the "tough" questions, I simply answer him with a stern voice. "Excuse me, who are you to talk to me like that? What authority you have? Are you the manager for this car park?"

He was slightly shock that I can question him back in "normal Kiwi English". Then the sloppy guard said: "You are not suppose to take picture at the car park, you know?"

Then I brushed him off and answered: "First, you tell me your name. Then you tell me who are you to ask questions. What I am doing is none of your business, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?"

Look, this chap is really stupid. How can customers know not to take pictures at the car park without any written sign or poster to indicate so? He then said he will bring the "manager" out to see me. I did not wait and marched into the food store and the manager was no where to be seen at all.

Do not feel threatened at all when you are face with these type of wanko's (that is what we call them in New Zealand). They are usually not educated, can't speak English and try to pick on "nice" looking people like me or someone who looks Asian.

Please note that you should your rights as a shopper, resident or visitor. Do not waste time or feel scare at all. These type of idiots are usually: new in New Zealand, wants to play God, not educated and totally ignorant of the law.

I cannot understand why some people are so racist and wants to pick on others. As far as I am concern, there is only one race; that is human race.

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